Build the skills necessary to design and support
locally-led, politically informed programs.

With a strong set of technical and strategic skills,
your career in development is destined to create long-lasting impact.

  • Power in numbers

    Collaborate with a network of
    global health practitioners,
    and learn together through
    practice and feedback.

  • Flexibility in timing

    Fit this learning series
    into a schedule that suits
    you and your career.

  • Diversity in instructors

    Engage with experts from
    a variety of development and
    geographical backgrounds.

Our Learning

Meet your instructors

Gain practical development on-the-job skills from
industry practitioners and experts.

Senior Instructor

Cynthia Eldridge

Cynthia, CEO & Founder of Impact for Health International, brings with her two decades of development experience. She has held roles in a multitude of sectors, from Ministry of Health in Malawi to NGO at Marie Stopes International to donor at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As an instructor, Cynthia places as much importance on having fun as she does on the content!

She holds a Masters in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from LSHTM/LSE. She has lived in Malawi and has in-country working experience in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, and more!

Senior Instructor

Nikki Charman

Nikki has 27 years of experience in health delivery in LMICs, with a focus on private sector engagement, market system development, and consumer and provider behaviour change. The majority of this time was spent working for Population Services International. There is nothing she is passionate about more than the development of effective theories of change!

She attended Watford Borough Council where she earned a Postgraduate Diploma in International Public Relations. She has lived in Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Kenya.

Meet your teaching assistants

Work alongside peers who will encourage you to think differently.

Teaching Assistant

Katherine Jennings

Katie has experience in social determinants of health, vulnerable populations, and private health sector engagement. She holds an MSc in Public Health from McGill University.

Teaching Assistant

Claire Gapare

Claire has experience in infectious diseases, women’s health, health financing and private sector engagement. She holds a MSc in Public Health from McGill University and is from Zimbabwe.

Teaching Assistant

Miraal Mavalvala

Miraal holds an MSc in Public Health from McGill University and has experience in sexual and reproductive health and infectious diseases in South Asia and North America. She is from Pakistan and has lived in Malaysia.

Who your instructors have worked with

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Teaching Styles

Learn through a variety of engaging video lessons

Watch Intro Video

Information Graphics

Process intensive concepts through easy-to-digest animations.

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Expert Interviews

Hear advice and experience from a range of on-the-ground practitioners.

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Platform Demos

Walk through the functions of several programs useful for work in development.

Annie Evangelista

Medical Director, Pharmaceutical Company

I've personally applied the skills [offered in this course] in all of the work areas that I've been in, even now as a medical directors of a pharmaceutical company. They cut across any type of work that you would venture into.

Aruna Ramakrishnan

Consultant, Nairobi, Kenya

Many of these skills, including conducting literature reviews, key informant interviews, and designing theories of change, were necessary for me to learn in order to perform my job.

Ranja Rakotomahanina

Head of Business Development Unit, management4health, Frankfurt, Germany

These skills are critical to charting the path forward in development and are critical to your success.

Jamshaid Asghar

Independent Consultant, Karachi, Pakistan

As a consultant, I use many of these on-the-job skills every day.

What you'll get

✔   Develop the skills necessary to develop clinically-relevant strategies and programs.

✔   Gather a set of useful resources and materials

✔   Become part of a network of development actors

✔   Gain the confidence to pass on these skills to your team members

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