Why it matters

  • Broaden perspective

    Generate novel ideas by stimulating expansive thinking.

  • Optimize time

    Manage participants to prevent circular discussion and wasted time

  • Build alliances

    Foster and sustain relationships through vulnerability and collaboration

What you'll get

  • Sequence meeting agenda components to achieve session goals and objectives

  • Utilize complex virtual tools to keep your participants engaged

  • Bridge the gap between donors, experts, implementers and end-users to unlock imaginative ideas

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is strategic facilitation?

    • Defining strategic facilitation

    • Overview of strategic facilitation

  • 2

    Designing to meet session objectives

    • Defining the goals and objectives of the session

    • Tailoring the session agenda to meet objectives

  • 3

    Preparing for virtual engagement

    • Preparing meeting inputs

    • Navigating methods for virtual collaboration (Zoom, Miro, and Mentimeter)

    • Deciding when and how to use the virtual engagement tools

    • Assigning facilitation roles

  • 4

    Implementing final touches

    • Connecting with participants and presenters

    • Writing a script

    • Performing a dry run

  • 5

    Executing with confidence

    • Facilitation roles in practice

    • Preparing for the unexpected

  • 6

    Creating impact

    • Gathering outputs and feedback

    • Uncovering key insights

    • Dissemination

  • 7


    • Final thoughts

Sneak Peak

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Meet your instructor & teaching assistant

Gain practical development on-the-job skills from industry practitioners and experts.

Senior Instructor

Nikki Charman

Nikki has 27 years of experience in health delivery in LMICs, with a focus on private sector engagement, market system development, and consumer and provider behaviour change. The majority of this time was spent working for Population Services International. There is nothing she is passionate about more than the development of effective theories of change!

She attended Watford Borough Council where she earned a Postgraduate Diploma in International Public Relations. She has lived in Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Kenya.

Teaching Assistant

Katherine Jennings

Katie has experience in social determinants of health, vulnerable populations, and private health sector engagement. She holds an MSc in Public Health from McGill University.

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